Celebrity cat Facebook page attempting to get ‘My Mate Nate’ charged with animal cruelty

A petition is being signed, and cat people are pissed off.

The Thai woman who runs “Kingdom of Tigers,” a world-famous cat Facebook page, will file a police report against American expat “My Mate Nate” on charges of animal cruelty for making his two cats fight scorpions for YouTube hits.

Photo: Kingdom of Tigers

Nutch Prasopsin, who owns 12 cats and posts photos of them to her three million followers, has announced she will take legal action against expat YouTuber Nate Bartling for torturing his cats in two of his videos—making them fight scorpions and tying balloons to his cat in an attempt to make it “fly.”

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“As a person who loves cats, I cannot tolerate or accept your uncouth acts involving animals in these clips, and further, other clips made by yourself which have looked down upon, mocked, satirized, and discredited Thailand, its people, and values,” the statement posted on her Facebook page said.

The statement also referred to the video in which Bartling mocked Thai people’s poor English skills.

“Do not insult the intelligence of Thai people—the population of the country which you, as a foreign resident, wish to call home. We will not stand to be belittled, ridiculed, mocked, or satirized,” she wrote.


Meanwhile, over 55,000 people have signed a petition requesting authorities take legal action against Bartling, within five hours of the petition being created.

Nutch said that she and Jack Brown, a famous farang internet personality, will take a stand as animal lovers and file a police report with Huai Kwang police today.

Brown, a Facebook personality also known as “Jack Dek Farang,” has also spoken out against Bartling, encouraging Thais not to follow him (We think it’s because Bartling has more followers than Brown).

How does Bartling respond to the controversy, you may ask? He said he would be posting a video of the scorpion clawing at his own mouth soon.

This afternoon, the prankster also posted a picture of himself skydiving with a cheesy inspirational quote: “If you dare to jump out and dare to make your dream come true, you will have an amazing experience.”

Well, hopefully, you will have an amazing experience at the infamous Bangkok Hilton.

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