Catnapped or rescued? Asoke Cat vanishes from his throne

Asoke cat is no longer at Asoke.

Usually found below the Asoke BTS station, the amazing orange-and-white furry creature known as Asoke Cat withdrew from the public eye after seeking treatment last week for some nasty wounds suffered in a recent cat-fight.

Since that time the much-loved cat’s 48,000 online fans have clamored to know the prince’s whereabouts as he remained unavailable for photo-ops throughout the weekend. Asoke cat became a media sensation on Friday with photos and stories of him being shared nonstop. He was last spotted at a veterinarian recovering from his wounds.

Through a publicist, Asoke Cat has revealed that he’s found a new home with the woman who recently paid for his veterinary treatment.

The manager of another Facebook cat lover page, who goes by the name “Cat Slave”, has posted pictures purporting to show Asoke in his new home. Responding to inquiries from our reporter, the page admin declined to be named, but she was known as the generous woman who paid to take Asoke to the vet and ultimately her home.

After learning of their fair prince’s condition, the online community debated the appropriateness of the move. After all, the cat seemed comfortable living at his eponymous intersection, and was well-cared for by members of the public who frequently stopped to pay homage. On the other hand, street life is difficult for any animal, and their adoption should be considered first, especially before purchasing sickly breeds from the puppy and kitty factories at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Overall, the online community shared their appreciation for Asoke Cat’s savior and encouraged her to take ownership of the legendary kitty.

Asoke now lives with three other furry fellows in a wonderful home with unlimited access to food and toys, according to his reported adopter, who revealed to Coconuts she will continue to refer to the amazing tabby as “Asoke Cat” because she wants him to always remember where he came from.

Asoke Cat strikes a handsome pose just for Coconuts readers at his new home

“Asoke Cat is retired from his mission at Asoke, and he would want you to also adopt his fury fellows at the BTS station,” she told Coconuts. “His army needs a home!”

We just hope to keep benefiting from photos of his fabulous, furry self.

For more updates, photos galore and stories of Asoke Cat in his new home – and information on how to rescue his friends from the streets – visit his new home online.

Photos: Kingdom of Tiger Nutch, MeowwwClub

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