Carnivorous megaraptor becomes 10th dinosaur discovered in Thailand

Miss Grand Khon Kaen 2018. Photo: Miss Grand Thailand
Miss Grand Khon Kaen 2018. Photo: Miss Grand Thailand

A fast-running megaraptor equipped with long claws and an appetite for meat is the latest dinosaur species to be discovered in Thailand’s northeast.

Up in Khon Kaen, where raptors were the apex predators millions of years ago, the Phuwiangvenator yaemniyomi recently became certified as the 10th dinosaur species discovered in Thailand since 1976. They grew to be upward of 6 meters in length and lived in the Cretaceous period.

Remains from the species were first discovered nearly 30 years ago in the Phu Wiang National Park, according to the Mineral Resources Department.

Officials are embarking on a four-year campaign to see the park become a UNESCO Global Geopark.

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