Bus battle royale breaks out in busy Bangkok boulevard (Video)

Bus teams rush ‘n attack each other Monday morning on Issaraphap Road in Bangkok. Images: JS100
Bus teams rush ‘n attack each other Monday morning on Issaraphap Road in Bangkok. Images: JS100

Bus drivers and passengers got into a bare-knuckle brawl in the shadow of Big C Issaraphap this morning that just could not be stopped by anyone.

One man and his entourage approach one of two buses pulled over on Issaraphap Road and throw themselves at a man in shorts who emerges from the door, kicking off a running battle involving makeshift weapons and roundhouse kicks, according to footage of the incident that went online at 11:30am. One person who looks like a conductor tries to restrain what may be her driver; another jumps in, swinging a pipe.

The street skirmish reportedly erupted after the drivers of two No. 40 minibuses and one No. 56 bus cut one another off on the road, according to traffic news source JS100

The fight moves to the sidewalk, with at least five other people at times trying to break up the pair, and sometimes appearing to throw their own punches. At one point a woman in yellow grabs a weapon from one of the men and swings it at the much-abused man-in-shorts.

The fight continues as traffic backs up. Impatient honking can be heard from the road as more people attempt to break up the fight.

It’s difficult to declare Team 40 or Team 56 the winner, but by the end of the video, both parties appear pooped out and ready to call it a draw. Though by the looks on their faces, it’s unclear if that was truly the end of the fight.


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