British man dies when driver crashes into front of Chonburi pub, killing him instantly

A British man was killed tragically in a Chonburi pub when a car crashed into the front of the bar and hit him.

Though the accident happened on Dec. 28, Ralph Chambers, 68, was recently the subject of a sad feature story in his hometown newspaper where his children and grandchildren spoke about the tragic loss of their patriarch, who was apparently on vacation with friends in Thailand.

An hour before the accident he texted one of his daughters, “Tell the grandkids I love them.”

Chambers was drinking with his close friend Tony Walden, and the two had just switched seats a few moments before. Walden was also seriously injured and remained in the hospital for more than a week, reported Gloucestershire Live.

Apparently, the Thai driver responsible for the death swerved to avoid hitting a street dog and the young man’s family have visited Walden each day since the accident.

Chambers had three daughters and four grandchildren. His daughter Rae said, “Dad was a man that you couldn’t help liking. He had a way of making a person feel like they were the only one in a crowd, he made you feel so special.”

After his family can repatriate his body, his funeral will take place in his hometown.

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