Following on-board poop incident, Bangkok’s skytrain insists all stations have toilets

Photo: Facebook/ Nidtayaporn Songsri
Photo: Facebook/ Nidtayaporn Songsri

The operator of Bangkok’s skytrain insists all stations have toilets available to commuters, in response to Friday’s case of, um … “sh*t” and run.”

While most Bangkokians aren’t aware of the BTS’ hidden toilets (let’s face it, all of us have had to run to the nearest mall or hotel to use the bathroom), the train company said yesterday that you can ask staff to use toilets at all 23 stations.

“The toilets aren’t restricted to staff,” said a message sent to its followers on LINE application Saturday. 

The statement responded to a photo of a rare open seat on the BTS — one that had poop on it, a fact that didn’t result in anyone actually giving up their hard-won seats.

But while the Friday incident drew plenty of groans (and admittedly juvenile laughter), the BTS has now said that the incident can actually be attributed to an elderly person, and therefore, has asked people to stop sharing the photo.

“We’d like to ask you to sympathize to the person who had an accident — an elderly, and please stop sharing the photo which shows other passengers in it,” the statement said.

Given the frequent delays these days, we actually do sympathize with the poor soul who just couldn’t hold it.


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