Happy Friday, someone just pooped on Bangkok’s skytrain

Photo: Facebook/ Nidtayaporn Songsri
Photo: Facebook/ Nidtayaporn Songsri

Thai netizens are losing their shit over a viral photo of a poop-stained BTS seat posted earlier today.

“It’s a bright Friday morning,” Facebook user Nidtayaporn Songsri captioned her post.

“I feel sorry for myself to witness something like this #SomeoneShitsOnBTS. You can’t shit and run like this. It’s a burden on others.”

She went on to explain that the perpetrator left the train at Phra Khanong station immediately after the, um … incident.

Not willing to give up their seats, the commuters who found themselves sitting next to the shit pile simply just covered their noses and looked away in embarrassment, which we might add, was very Thai of them.

“It was a well-dressed adult,” Nidtayaporn continued, reaffirming to concerned commenters that it was indeed a sole Thai person who did the deed.

The user later deleted her post, but the photo has already gone viral and since been reposted all over the internet.

Now that’s ending the week with a bang.

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