Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport silent on severed traveler’s leg: son

Photo: Lauren F
Photo: Lauren F

A woman whose leg was severed by a moving walkway at Don Mueang International Airport is recovering though her life has been forever altered, her son said this morning.

Krit Kittirattana, whose mother Suphannee Kittirattana lost her leg when it was pulled into the walkway’s machinery last week, said they had provided the police with statements, and that his family’s priority was caring for her. He said they weren’t interested in blame but wanted known the cause of his mother’s maiming and who should take responsibility.

He noted that they have heard nothing from the airport on its progress, and that no CCTV footage of her June 29 injury has been shared.

Krit said they are concerned about the expense of his mother’s medical treatment and ongoing rehabilitation. He said his 57-year-old mother cares for his grandparents, and their source of income has been lost. Furthermore, his mother used to enjoy traveling and taking holidays, and her life will never be the same again.

Police have not filed any charges against any parties, whether responsible parties at the airport, manufacturer Hitachi, or maintenance staff.

The front fell off?

On Thursday, Kasetsart University Professor Weerachai Phutdhawong said after meeting with airport officials that it was an accident. They found a section of the conveyor belt fell off where Suphannee was standing, and when the walkway reached the end where it rolls under to return, her leg was pulled in.

He said three of four screws had worn and fallen out. The walkway continued to roll 10 seconds before an emergency shutoff was completed.

Suphannee was pulled in up to her knee, which had to be amputated at Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital.

Weerachai deduced that the nuts came off due to the age of the walkway, which was installed in 1987. 

He failed to explain why its age wouldn’t mean it was inspected and maintained more frequently.

He said Suvarnabhumi Airport’s newer walkways stop instantly the moment they detect any obstruction, even a shoelace.

Nightmare at DMK: Woman’s leg severed by airport moving walkway


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