Bangkok University officially endorses uniform gender choice

Bangkok University has officially announced an alternative dress code enabling “tomboys” and “ladyboys” to wear whichever uniform they prefer.

The new rules announced yesterday by the university’s School of Fine and Applied Arts drew positive feedback from students and alumni alike, as the university became the first educational institution in Thailand to allow students to dress according to their gender identity.

“Here’s the uniform for alternative genders,” the school wrote along with images showing photos of students wearing them. “We, the School of Fine and Applied Arts has an open view on sexuality, but let’s dress appropriately to follow the rules.”

The announcement was posted as a guide to the freshmen. Although cross-dressing has been widely tolerated on the university’s campuses, the announcement was welcomed as an official endorsement.

The announcement was then shared by Bangkok University’s official Facebook page to confirm the institute welcomes all genders and identities.

Photos: Bangkok University School of Fine and Applied Arts

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