Bangkok to enforce maximum fine of THB1,000 for motorcyclists who ride on sidewalk

Image: Thai PBS
Image: Thai PBS

Motorcyclists caught driving on Bangkok’s sidewalk will now face a maximum fine of THB1,000 (instead of the usual THB500) following the heavily discussed accident in which a high schooler was knocked over by a motorcyclist on Monday.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Sakolthee Phattiyakul said yesterday that the administration will start enforcing the maximum fine in the hope that it would help solve the issue of motorcyclists illegally using the sidewalks as their personal shortcuts.

Sakolthee said that if the perpetrators cannot afford the fine, officials will confiscate their motorbikes until they pay the tickets, Thairath reported.

According to the Transport Act, those riding on the sidewalk are subject to a fine ranging from THB400 to THB1,000, so the decision to enforce the heftiest fine doesn’t require a change in the laws.

The issue has been in the spotlight after a high school girl was hit by a motorcyclist while walking home on the footpath in Lat Phrao area on Monday. The perpetrator, who works as a messenger, said that he was in a rush to make a delivery.

A photo of the injured young student lying on the sidewalk became the talk of town and was featured on several TV news programs.

Sakolthee said that, since July, a total of 9,572 motorcyclists have been stopped for riding on the sidewalk. Out of this number, however, a whopping 6,142 were simply warned and let go.

He said that the administration will also consider monitoring sidewalks with CCTV and send tickets to motorcyclists who ride on the footpaths. The City Law Enforcement Department has been assigned to study how the measure would be implemented.

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