App dating gone wrong: Ladyboy student attacked by WeChat man she turned down

The victim, Rawisara Phenphichijit, shared details about the horrific attack on Facebook.
The victim, Rawisara Phenphichijit, shared details about the horrific attack on Facebook.

A transgender university student was brutally attacked and robbed near Chok Chai 4 Market in Bangkok this week by a man she met on WeChat app who “didn’t look like his photos.”

Rawisara Phenphichijit, 21, filed a report with Chok Chai Police yesterday after she shared details about the horrific attack on Facebook and the post went viral.

The Facebook post, which stated that the incident happened on Monday night, said: “I was just wandering in the market, playing with my phone, and suddenly one guy grabbed me by the arm. Then he called 3 other friends to help him drag me to the river. The area was so remote. Maybe he thought I was a woman. Then he told me to hand over my phone. The three guys punched me, hit my face with a brick, hit my nose…I was in so much pain.”

Rawisara continued to describe that the guys told her she had “five minutes to run” or they would throw her body into the river.

The poor girl got up and ran for her life, but she collapsed and passed out.

In the end, she was rescued by a food vendor in the area.

Yesterday, however, when Rawisara filed the report with the police, she admitted to knowing one of her attackers prior to the accident from WeChat, a chat application which offers an option to connect with other users that are nearby, Amarin TV reported.

After connecting with him via the app, the student said that she had agreed to meet the man at Chok Chai 4 Market, but he didn’t look like his photos so she walked away, which she believed might have angered him.

Chok Chai 4 Police commented that such brutal attacks should not happen to anyone. They have begun tracking down the attackers.

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