Anti-cheating umbrellas curb Thai students’ habit of copying during exams

Maybe he thought it was too late to simply teach the students not to cheat, so a desperate teacher in Songkhla province came up with a method to prevent his high schoolers from copying off each other on a recent test.

Three years after Kasetsart University set an example in higher education with their anti-cheating helmet, photos of Thai high schoolers completing their tests under colorful umbrellas circulated on the internet today.

No, the classroom didn’t have a leaky ceiling, the students were asked to sit under the umbrellas to keep them from looking at each other’s papers.

The school’s name was not mentioned in the report, but the staff said that it had been raining that day and everybody had an umbrella with them. The teacher told them to open the umbrellas while completing their quiz.

The school insisted that this was the first time it happened, Manager reported.


Bangkok university makes students wear anti-cheating helmet during mid-term exams

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