American masculinity ‘biohacker’ who peddled quackery on YouTube dies in Pattaya

An American YouTuber was found last night inside a home in the coastal city of Pattaya, police said. 

Laith Abdullah Algaz, 34, who made videos peddling quack science remedies for men to grow taller and have amazing erections on his Leo and Longevity channel was found at a residence in the Pattaya Lagoon Village, according to Capt. Sombat Kaewmoolmook of the Pattaya Police Station. 

Algaz had not been seen for several hours when a friend used a spare key to enter the room and found Algaz lying in the bathroom. It’s believed he had been dead roughly five hours when police found him. 

Police also found in the room medications including cannabis, antidepressants, bipolar disorder medication, sleeping pills, and what they described as “muscle-boosting antibiotics.”

According to court records, Algaz’s wife in Southern California accused him last year of severe, serial abuse and filed for divorce. They had a 1-year-old daughter. His wife said he abused drugs and was “extremely verbally and emotionally abusive.”

Algaz’s YouTube channel had more than 123,000 subscribers. In his more popular videos, he talked about penis enlargement, psychedelic consumption, steroid injection, and bodybuilding. “Biohacking” means experimenting with drugs and medications to achieve things that aren’t possible – such as growing taller as an adult – in the belief that medical science “plays it too safe.”

Algaz’s most popular video was titled How to get a “supraphysiological” penis, a term that means “taking too much of something” that he applied regularly to nonscientific remedies. Many videos pertained to narcotics, including segments on the therapeutic value of nicotine and a recent take on “How NOT to die from Ibogaine.”

With topics ranging from “Mothers Make Weak Men” and an obsession with inadequacy, his misogyny-laced videos seemed designed to appeal to sexually insecure men. 

Pattaya police were awaiting autopsy results to determine a cause of death. The U.S. embassy and Algaz’s family members have been notified.

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