After cracked ballot box, Election Commission fails again with loose security seals (VIDEO)

After his failed attempt to prove how “strong” the new ballot boxes are by throwing one around and cracking it in a room full of reporters, Somchai Srisutthiyakorn of the Election Commission managed to go viral again last night — this time demonstrating the weakness of the ballot box’s plastic strap.

In a press conference yesterday, Somchai showed off the colorful security straps that will be used to seal the ballot boxes during the vote on Sunday. He said there was no way an outsider could open the boxes because the straps are super strong.

To prove his point, he challenged the press to try to break the strap. After a petite journalist failed to unseal the strap, Somchai requested for a “big reporter with a powerful grip” to come onto the stage, Matichon reported.

As it turned out, the second reporter was perfectly able to break the strap. In fact, he did it on the first try. Naturally, everyone in the room burst out laughing.

Somchai initially joined in, joking: “Haha. He is strong.”

Then he said his staff had failed to tie the trap properly, adding that, seriously, the strap won’t come off on polling day if tied the right way.



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