200,000 eggs offered to Buddha statue to make coronavirus go away

Original image: Adisorn Kromsri
Original image: Adisorn Kromsri

While we’re all waiting for good, science-based public health policy to contain the current coronavirus, a little spiritual bribe can’t hurt, can it?

While Myanmar encourages people to chew pepper and Indonesia shields itself with prayer, a group of Chinese travelers came to a famous Buddha statue in Thailand to make an offer it hopefully can’t refuse: 200,000 eggs to make the coronavirus disappear from mainland China, according to Spring News.

The group offered pallets upon pallets of eggs to Luang Por Buddha Sothon, a famous Buddha statue at Wat Sothon Wararam in Chachoengsao province in hope its holiness would grant mercy.

Zhang Xiao Zhao, 44, told reporters that he came from Chengdu with five friends to make the egg-stravagant offer because his friend’s daughter asked the same statue for a child years ago – and gone one.

Jitsinee Pantong, the egg merchant, said she was approached at her boiled egg stall last week by the Chinese group, who asked to buy the copious quantity of fresh eggs from her. Jitsiness said it took her three days to gather the eggs from two farms in the province.

She was paid a total of THB400,000 (US$12,807) for the trouble. There’s no record of so many eggs ever being given to the statue before. Even an annual event organized by local government only offers 100,000 eggs, Jitsinee said.

The group plans to donate the eggs following today’s ceremony. 

Egg pallets on Tuesday are carried into Wat Sothon Wararam in Chachoengsao province. Images: Spring News

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