Smoking Hot: Ambient pop act Cigarettes After Sex returns to Bangkok in November

Photo: Cigarettes After Sex Mexico/Facebook
Photo: Cigarettes After Sex Mexico/Facebook

Cigarettes after Sex has a quite a following in Bangkok. It’s no wonder why — Thai indie rock fans are known for loving dreamlike melodies and lyrics that go heavy on the longing, and that’s precisely what this bad does.

The Brooklyn, via El Paso, band sold out a performance last year at Voice Space and, chances are, they’ll do it again on Nov. 13, this time at Moonstar Studio.

Whether gazing at their shoes or gazing toward the past, Cigarettes After Sex is loved by fans for its ability to make even the most mundane scenes dramatic and romantic with their lyrics. Songs like “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”, “Apocalypse,” and “Affection” have won them fans around the world with their relatable melancholia.

The show was announced this week by new promotion company Teenage Dream Corporation, who said that the particulars of the show — ticket price and sale date — will be released on their Facebook page soon.

As part of their their Asia Tour 2018, the band will also stop in Singapore on Nov. 10 on the Neon Lights festival bill.


Cigarettes After Sex Live in Bangkok 2018
Moonstar Studio
Lad Phrao Soi 80
Nov. 13

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