Passengers complain about treatment after THAI Airways crash

Passengers who were injured in Sunday night’s THAI Airways crash at Suvarnabhumi airport returned to the airport on Monday evening to complain to THAI president Sorajak Kasemsuvan about the way the ground staff handled the situation.

Complaints ranged from no staff waiting at the terminal to receive the passengers to scenes of confusion at immigration as some passengers left their passports on the plane.

Former Bangkok governor candidate Kosit Suvinitjit was on the flight and even though he didn’t join the complainants at Suvarnabhumi airport he agreed with them.

“I would have liked to have seen more ground staff helping passengers. There should have been interpreters in several languages to inform passengers of the situation, as many were tourists,” he said.

Wijit Khaoto, another passenger, said the lower end of the emergency slide he used did not reach the runway surface.

“No staff members were there to help. The passengers who jumped on the slide had to turn back to help pull other passengers down,” he said.

The THAI Airways president denied allegations that cabin crew members left the plane before assisting passengers.

Mr Sorajak said all passengers disembarked using four inflatable emergency slides on the left side of the aircraft, reported the Bangkok Post.

A number of videos taken by passengers after the crash have appeared online.

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Photo: Wing Magazine


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