Miss Thailand Universe’s wardrobe malfunction?

Somewhere between the sketch pad and real human body, things can get lost in translation.

Now that the public has gotten a look at the winning design for the “traditional” costume in next month’s Miss Universe pageant, many are not happy about seeing it worn by Miss Universe Thailand, Lita Chalita.

“Not beautiful or elegant. Just rent something from Tiffany’s Show, maybe?” one commenter on a Facebook page said.

The winning design, was chosen by the Miss Thailand Universe committee from submissions by young Thai designers. Thanakom Sittiattakorn, a student at Silpakorn University, won the contest as his vision has brought to life.

Among the most common complaints online were attacks on outfit’s quality and the cheap-looking materials used for the design. Not to mention, the orange sash on her waist wouldn’t compliment anyone’s figure.

The student’s design, as seen in the original illustration, seems to take inspiration from the costume for Chui Chai traditional dance. It has captured the beautiful shimmering silver cave while the fabric looks free-flowing, enabling the contestant to strut gracefully on the stage.

Chui Chai traditional dance, photo from Ruenthai

However, the finished product was made from thick and heavy material and the orange sash on the waist area remains the worst part of all.

Miss Universe finals will be held on Nov. 9 in Moscow, Russia. We will have to wait patiently when the host announces the winner of the best traditional costume, and those of us left wincing at the costume should keep in mind that “This too shall pass.”

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