Life after DJ Station: Finding more gay in BKK

Being on Silom, near the Skytrain and always packed, DJ Station is always a reliable destination for us to enjoy a night out.

All the gays in Bangkok can’t be blamed for thinking the loud, crowded club is the only place in town to cruise and dance, especially after more than 20 years as one of the top destinations in Bangkok and even Asia.

But imagine eating at the same restaurant every night. It would be like shopping for meat at the same meat market every night. Is this even a metaphor anymore?

Get back on the train and leave the station behind to discover some new great destinations in the Bangkok scene.


No one can say no to Trasher, as they always serve up fun nights under creative themes at different venues. From divas nights to Thai luk thung, the revolving party themes mean fresh varieties of music. Expect a lot of twenty-somethings, students and young farang expats. Also half the crew are faghags who expect to get laid by gay men.

2. Soi Twilight

Just across from the boredom of the Patpong lies Soi Twilight, aka “Boys Town.” You gotta see this place at least once in your life. It’s like walking into another world. A world where boys in trunks call to you from every door and for the cost of a beer you can watch Thai men have sex to really corny music, possibly while flying through the air. Followed by a cabaret show, of course. Every guy on the stage has a number and an incredible bulge you won’t know is real or fake so please check the goods before purchasing. Hetero-folk should know it’s the perfect, safe place to satisfy your curiosity about such things in this amazing Thailand.

3. Go Grrls parties

The girl-power force is strong in these ones. This group of gay girls and boys are led by DJs Maehappyair, Dookie and Cleo P. No matter gay, straight, bi, lesbian, trans or wherever you fall in the sexuality spectrum, you are on the right track with Go Grrrls, who keep their nights spinning with indie, rock and electro tunes. Expect to see all genders and persuasions having fabulous fun together.

4. G-Spot Entertainment

What would you expect from a very gay party? From penthouse suites to pool parties, the G-Spot crowd is the same as found upstairs at DJ Station, they’ve just changed the scenery. If you plan attending one of their pool parties, expect to see all the guys rocking speedos with drop-dead bodies from intense daily workouts. A good place for the eyelicious but less so for cruising, as they are all hang out in cliques.

5. Maggie Choo’s

Sunday nights bring a G-Spot-hosted gay night to this lower-Silom Road theme bar, along with host Pangina Heals, one of Thailand’s most famous drag queens. The music is mixed but spiked with a lot of jazz. You will meet “premium gays” here: moneyed Thai men and non-backpacker farang. But really this place is perfect for just hanging out with your gay friends.

6. Viva Bar Chatuchak

Viva Bar before the chaos. Photo: Instagram

The shops just closed but don’t head home just yet. After an exhausting, expensive day at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, head to this little bar in the middle where sellers and shoppers gather to party after the long, hot day. Drinks are a bit expensive, but it’s a good place to chill and relax to a DJ set. Next thing your easy shopping day has turned into a big night out without you knowing. Expect to see a local gay clientele, with not many farangs or rice queens here except those who’ve been in town long enough to know where to go enjoy their ideal rice.


7. Ratchada Road

A typical night at G-Star Pavilion. Photo: G-Star Pavilion Pub

There are a few gay clubs to be found here including App Arena, Fake Club and G-Star Pavilion. Expect to see young, white-faced Thai boys traveling in packs with hairstyles that couldn’t be done without half a bottle of spray. Music is generally international club dance music but at twice the beat. Don’t be surprised when a Korean girl band song comes up and everyone is dancing flawlessly to its video.


BKK Gay: 10 of Bangkok’s most fabulously queer bars and clubs


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