Huai Khwang: Bangkok’s New Chinatown is buzzing with authentic food, shopping, and nightlife


Covered by five different MRT stations and two Airport Rail Link stations, Huai Khwang is an easy place to commute around—and that’s already saying a lot for a Bangkok neighborhood. With great restaurants, shopping malls, fun activities, and cool nightlife, Huai Khwang has the right balance of neighborhood-feel and big city vibes. Eat, drink, dance, slurp, splurge, float, and bounce here in Huai Khwang, one of Bangkok’s seriously underrated districts.


Huai Khwang Eats

Joe Seafood

Throw a party in your tummy with freshest home-style seafood at Joe Seafood. Serving you scrumptious curry crab, mouthwatering steamed sea bass in sweet and salty sauce, and aromatic stir fried shrimp garlic, all made from freshly caught seafood. Joe Seafood presenting you wide range of other seafood manus as if you’re right by the ocean. Probably the best place to get real seafood while pinching your pennies.

Greenmade Cafe

Clean eaters, let us introduce your new favorite go-to place, because at Greenmade Cafe you’ll discover healthy food like nowhere else. Their organic ingredients are sourced fresh from the local farm and the dishes are prepared with no additives ensuring that what you’ll be eating here is #healthyaf.


Business district


INVESTORY – Investment Discovery Museum is an interactive museum that will introduce you to investment, mutual funds, financial risks, and everything related. Now, before you say “yawn, show me more seafood”, INVESTORY is equipped with fascinating storylines with characters like ‘Money Monsters’ to represent obstructions and ‘SET Heroes’ as business experts. Take a walk through and gain a new understanding, and appreciation, for monetary matters.


Spend, spend, spend.

The Street

For a chill place to hang out, browse cool brands, and shop around look no further than The Street Ratchada. This area has a huge range of shops and restaurants to suit all lifestyles possible. And if you want to stock up your fridge or run errands at the bank, The Street has you covered.

Train Night Market Ratchada

If you’re a foodie and a huge bargain shopper (and what Bangkokian isn’t?), this place is your new heaven. Train Night Market, or Talad Rot Fai, gathers a smorgasbord of gastronomic goodies, local food, not-so-local snacks (stretchy grilled cheese we’re looking at you) and drinks in market stalls that seem to go on forever. Don’t forget about the huge section of vintage shops with cute clothes and knicks-knacks, and the row of cool bars made of converted shipping containers.

Central Rama 9

Another cool place to eat, hang, and #shoptilyoudrop is one of the newest shopping malls in Bangkok. And if you wanna avoid being spoiled about a new movie, watch it yourself in the comfy seats at SFX Cinema Central Rama 9.


The New Chinatown

Pracha Rat Bamphen Road

Let us drop some knowledge: Thailand is one the top five countries that Chinese people immigrated to over the years. Recently, Pracha Rat Bamphen Road has become the home and workplace of many Chinese people. Now, whaddya know, we have a new Chinatown on our hands. Head to this road to experience vibrant Chinese culture, language, and all of the deliciousness you can imagine. The streetfood vibes are even starting to rival Yaowarat.




Why sleep if the city never does? In Huai Khwang, RCA is liveliest after dark. It’s a place to see and be seen, especially if you fall in the twenty-something age range. The clubs are packed on almost every day of the night with young people shaking it off. But if you want to just #chillax with a few friends over good beer, RCA got your back too.



Jaroenthong Muay Thai

Looking for a fun way to stretch your limbs and get the juices flowing?  What’s cooler than learning impressive martial arts? Nothing! Jaroenthong Muay Thai is where the professional Thai boxers who are more than willing to coach your their best kicks and punches, and reveal all their techniques in winning in every ring.

The Rink Ice Arena

Inspired by I, Tonya? Or just need to escape that Huai Khwang heat? Head to The Rink Ice Arena, an Olympic size ice rink on the top floor of Central Rama 9. Learn the art of balance, or risk icy face plants! Get motivated with ice hockey games every night or seasonal figure skating competitions. Take classes with qualified coaches if you feel like becoming a pro one day.



Bangkok Floating Center

Physical and spiritual relaxation is what to expect here. Floatation tanks were first developed back in 1954 and since then they’ve helped people with stress, anxiety, and even improved circulation. Plus, it just feels cool as hell. Float in a private Dream Pod and experience full relaxation and calmness. Float the worries away #definatelynotLoiKrathong.

Are you imagining life in Huai Khwang yet? This humble little urban area is full of life, excitement, and thrills by day and night. But enough about what we think, why not come here and find out yourself? Look out for cool projects from Sansiri in Huai Khwang soon. Visit Sansiri’s website or Facebook page for more information and updates.

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