Get motivated to do f*ck all when anti-guru Mahsood Boomgard demotivates Bangkok

Fuck your PowerPoints. Fuck your phone. Look on the fucking positive side because a foul-mouthed comedian-guru known for hilarious self-help videos is coming to pass on his unique form of laugh therapy later this month in Bangkok.

South African funnyman Mahsood Boomgaard, who’s become known for dispensing unconventionally demotivating advice (“Do less! It is much better for you to do fuck all!”) in a thick guru accent to the sound of plucked sitar strings, will perform May 31 at Decommune. Tickets are on sale online for THB1,000. A meet-and-greet package goes for THB1,800.

You may have seen Mahsood’s wisdom shared across social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram in segments where he drops hard truths such as “Hard work is not rewarded, hard work is only punished.”

“Fuck” seems to be one of his favorite words and puts a finer point on his guru schtick. In one black pearl of wisdom, his advice is to “fuck your job” and “do only what you are paid to do.”

He also suggests people should fuckin’ sleep, and “stop doing the things you want to do.”

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