Daredevils Only: New zipline across Thailand’s Grand Canyon not for faint of heart (VIDEO)

A new attraction has opened at Thailand’s Grand Canyon and it’s sure to be a delight for those who love to take a chance.

The fear-inducing attraction is a zipline. But this line stretches above Ban Phae Kwang in Chiang Mai’s Hang Dong district, also known as “Thailand’s Grand Canyon.”

Thankfully, the entire ride appears to be over water but it’s still a mighty long way to fall. A fall  into the water from a parasail at Phuket’s Kata Beach earlier this month ended in the death of a 71-year-old Australian man.

The 750-meter line has been inspected by local officials and seems to be open for business, but it is still awaiting its formal license.

Um, think we’ll hold off at least until they have that license.

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