Wunderbar: Bratwurst, schnitzel and some of the best German food at this hidden stall

COCONUTS HOT SPOTS  In very practical, calculated and German terms, meine freund from Bavaria broke down the German food scene in Bangkok: “There are a number of places, but most of it is not entirely authentic or affordable. You have the most well-known German restaurant on Sukhumvit 20, but that value isn’t totally there. I’d recommend you try out a little stall at a tent underneath the On Nut BTS, it has some of the best German fast food.”

G.J. Lecker isn’t difficult to find, the German flag plastered on the front of the stall is a dead giveaway as are the mediocre photographs of sausages of the Teutonic variety littering the façade. Head into the On Nut beer garden and look for a middle-aged woman working the stall, which serves up an odd combination German and Japanese food for what could be considered Bangkok’s best German grub.

The fare here is considered “fast food” by Germans for the prevalence of sausages typically served by imbiss shops and stalls throughout Deutschland. The omnipresent currywurst is listed as “Curry sausages” (THB89) on the menu here, and it receives the same ketchup-slathering and curry powder-dusting as it would in the fatherland. The currywurst is right at home among a thorough selection of sausages including a mild Thuringer platter (THB130), a set of four nuernburger brats (THB150), veal sausage (THB140) and garlic sausage (THB140).  The tasty meat-filled casings are served with the appropriate German mustard to give this staple a little zing, should the natural flavor of the sausage be too mild.

And if the sizeable sausage selection isn’t convincing enough, G.J.’s  schnitzel offerings will have you hooked on German comfort food. The schweine (pork) schnitzel (THB89) is full of greasy goodness, and the jaeger schnitzel is a hearty fried cutlet in a flavorful mushroom sauce.

What’s more is that G.J. Lecker is positioned right next to “The Cocktail,” which offers a decent selection of brews that suits Lecker’s fare like lederhosen goes with Oktoberfest. Order a Beer Laos dunkel for the perfect match – the Laotian beer uses yeast and hops from Germany.


G.J. Lecker

On Nut Beer Garden

BTS On Nut


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  1. The google map is wrong. You are not on the same side as Tesco Lotus. lt took me two hours to find that out..

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