The legendary butter chicken and more prove why Rang Mahal’s authentic recipes never fail to impress Bangkok’s eating scene for the last 25 years


Imagine the last time you had quality Indian food, let alone one with spectacular views of Bangkok’s skyline and an ambiance to complement the experience. Have a seat and join us as we give you a taste why Bangkok’s Rang Mahal has folks still visiting for more than 25 years. 

Thanks to the mix of Indian spices and herbs (because aren’t those the two essential components to Indian food?) handpicked and micromanaged by Head Chef Rajan Misra, who has been serving authentic flavors for over 16 years, a generation of Bangkok eaters know how precise the balance of flavors at Rang Mahal has been.

While many of the loyal fans don’t require a lengthy introduction to Rang Mahal’s Butter Chicken, but for the sake of the Indian cuisine first-timers, this is simply one of the easier dishes to re-adjust the palate to. In fact, this Editor’s Choice award-winning specialty of the house, also called Murgh Makhanwala, boasts the tenderness of bite-sized chicken fillet in rich spiced tomato gravy. It’s about being less on the hot side, more on the rich flavor and texture.

Butter Chicken, Makhanwala (left) and Dal-Maa-Rang Mahal (right) — Photo: Rang Mahal
Butter Chicken, Makhanwala (left) and Dal-Maa-Rang Mahal (right) — Photo: Rang Mahal

Can we get a show of hands for the most common dip-style favorite that spells comfort food? Take those hands and tear into either the stretchy Butter Naan or Garlic Naan and scoop up Dal-Maa-Rang Mahal (Rang Mahal’s take on the lentil dip). 

Another signature starter that deserves its place on the table is Tandoori Jheengha — grilled tiger prawns that have been seasoned in yogurt, yellow chili, and ginger garlic paste.

Photo: Coconuts Media

Their Burra Kebab can perhaps remind eaters of the ubiquitous soul food, the pulled pork, for its similarity in terms of tender, shredded meat — that you could almost forget it’s lamb. The juicy lamb chop undergoes the kitchen’s signature, lathered up in red chili, garam masala, and black cumin.

Photo: Rang Mahal
Photo: Rang Mahal

An Indian feast somehow doesn’t feel complete without a biryani. Murgh Biryani: slow steam-cooked (called dum technique) long-grain rice with chicken, embraced by a mix of Indian herbs and spices. Pairing the Biryani with Raita (home-made yogurt) is a right way to balance the flavour, as the yogurt introduces a refreshing zest to the savory combustion.

Photo: Rang Mahal
Photo: Rang Mahal

Kadhai Paneer, a simple yet luscious dish involving cottage cheese, tomatoes, ginger, and green chilies, deserves an honorable mention should you have a vegetarian eater at the table. Perhaps another vegetarian dish that proves Rang Mahal can change the way you think of its core ingredient is Baingan Bharta — minced eggplant cooked with onions, tomatoes, and chili.

Photo: Rang Mahal
Photo: Rang Mahal

If all these signature menus seem enticing enough to get you to feast on an Indian brunch or dinner, then come down to Rembrandt Hotel and Suites on the 26th Floor (Asoke BTS Station) and you could even get your aperitif or digestif from the adjacent 1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar.

Finding out more about Rang Mahal and Rembrandt Hotel & Suites’ special offers and timings is as easy as a visit to

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