Soi Food Series: Step into Sriyan, an old neighborhood with plenty of food

SOI FOOD SERIES — Not far from top attractions such as Vimanmek Mansion and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Sriyan is an old neighborhood serving up affordable street foods from early morning to late evening. The area is a perfect, budget-friendly pit stop during any sightseeing trip to old town.

The main two markets in the neighborhood are Sriyan Market and Nakhon Chaisri Market, which are located opposite from each other. Sriyan Market opens from dawn to early afternoon while the food vendors at Nakhon Chaisri Market take over in the late afternoon when you will find a variety of food alongside affordable clothes.


Sriyan Fried Tofu​

As the name suggests, you’ll find crispy fried tofu and other fried vegetables at this stall. You can go full-on soy or mix up your sack with fried taro, black beans, corn and radishes (THB5 per piece). This small vegetarian cart has been standing tall for almost 30 years — with recipes passed on from the current owner’s mother.

By the way, they tend to sell out by afternoon. So get there early.

Hours: 8:30am – 5pm, everyday


Sriyan Chicken Noodles in Red Soup

For over 20 years, one of the most famous food stalls in Sriyan is Chicken Noodles in Red Soup. Here, you can choose your favorite part of chicken to go along with soft egg noodles. We recommend a drumstick, but you can also choose wings, legs and breasts. The noodles and a big piece of chicken are served with pig blood curd in sweet red soup (THB50).

Hours: 4am – 4pm, everyday


Sriyan Noodles

For over 50 years, Sriyan Noodles has served up its famous beef meatballs with white vermicelli (THB50). The beef meatballs here are larger than anywhere else and filled with more meat than flour. The shop is packed during lunch time, but it has a pretty decent seating area to offer (about 40 tables).

Hours: 7am – 5pm, everyday

The shop closes on the third Wednesday of the month.


Nai Pong Coffee Cart

Nai Pong Coffee Cart has been the community’s coffeehouse in the late hours for 26 years. Tables are filled of people of all ages, but you can see a group of Sriyan residents gather up together in their favorite corner.

A set of steamed soft bread with coconut jam is best served with a hot or cold beverage of your choice from basic coffee to tea to ovaltine and sweet milk. A set of bread with a drink is only THB20 – 25 while a beverage alone will cost you THB12 – 17.

Hours: 4pm – 10pm, everyday except Monday



Supaphon’s signature dishes are pad thai and hoi tod (mussel pancake). They’ve been serving up steaming plates of these delicacies for decades. Often times, mussel pancakes are greasy and finding the perfect mussel pancake is about as difficult as finding a soulmate. But we love what Supaphon has to offer. For THB40, the egg pancake is crispy on the outside and soft inside. Oh, and it comes with a good portion of mussels.

Hours: 10am – 8pm, everyday except Saturday

Tel. 085-251-8830

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