One of Bangkok’s ‘Suhring’ boys will start chain-smoking meats

Photos: @superb.bbq / Instagram
Photos: @superb.bbq / Instagram

Barbecue fans can soon fix their sights on a new venture from Thomas Suhring, one half of the twin-brother duo behind the Michelin-starred restaurant bearing their name.

Along with wife Jeab Nittaya, Suhring will bring the heat at Bangkok’s newest low-and-slow specialist, Superb BBQ.

What started as a hobby – smoking meats for their family during lockdown – quickly became a favorite of friends and fans of the chef. Now, the fruits of Suhring’s and Jeab’s labor are available to the public.

They prepare everything in their backyard, relying on a trusty offset smoker to produce top-quality barbecue, and it’s all Australian grain-fed beef, dry-aged at home for seven days and coated in a secret rub.

Using primarily oakwood for its mellow aroma and flavor, Thomas cooks the beef low and slow for 15 hours and then rests it for up to four hours. The result of that laborious process is a sought-after bark — the chewy, blackened crust that melts in your mouth — an alluring red smoke ring on the meat, and a wonderful smoky aroma that might stick around your apartment for days. 

Delivered only on weekends in limited quantities, the barbecued beef is available in two sets. Set A (THB3,990) comes with a full rack of beef short ribs (1,200 grams) and includes homemade pickles, bread, various sauces, and two side dishes that vary each week. Set B (THB1,690) offers the same components but is a smaller portion with one rib (300 grams). All the sides are made using recipes from Thomas’ grandparents. 

Photos: @superb.bbq / Instagram
Photos: @superb.bbq / Instagram

Orders can be made via Instagram or Line at Superb.bbq or by calling at 088-649-5847.

In October, there will only be short ribs, but expect more offerings such as smoked brisket to follow.

Thomas Suhring and his twin brother Mathias Suhring will also open CDGRE, a cafe founded by some of the folks behind Gaggan, Suhring and Carnival, next month at Siam Paragon. 

Photos: @superb.bbq / Instagram
Photos: @superb.bbq / Instagram

This story originally appeared in BK.


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