Lust for crust? Pizza Co. shatters minds with pizzaless pizza

Thailand famously takes great liberties with its interpretation of pizza – fake crab stick, anyone? – but its newest invention may have finally crossed the rubicon for true Romans.

What have they done with pizza this time? A plaa raa pie? Goong ten crust? No, this time it is a totally postmodern creation: the pizza-less pizza.

Seen a crustless pizza? It’s just like that, but a pizzaless crust. 

“Italians may get angry as hell, just like when a foreign cook messed up our Kaprao dish by putting bean sprouts in it,” Nick Teera Muenfung wrote in a comment online.

Coming almost exactly a decade after satire site of legend declared that the “World Pizza Council” had revoked “Pizza Company’s use of word ‘Pizza'” over similar shenanigans, the company has shown its pie-innovation once again with the “Double Cheese Burger Crust.”

“Pizza No Topping!” the description proudly proclaims. “Double Cheese Burger Crust serve with 2 dipping sauce (Tomato Sauce and Tomato Mustard Sauce).” Order it online and choose your crust – oh wait! – there’s only one choice available: the “Extreme Double Cheese Burger Crust.”

“Culinary evolution. 500 years from now, historians will debate why this is called pizza and why Italy waged war on Thailand,” Taksapol Sriwachirawat wrote.

Topping its menu, the new item is a torus of lumpy dough (could we have just called it a pretzel ring?).

Because crust is all there is.

We called the company up and a representative said there is pork and cheese awaiting inside that crusty ring. At THB189, it only comes in medium size and serves 12 for a limited time – its menu exit is set for Feb. 23. 

There you have it, Bangkok. Enjoy?

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