Fruit Baller: Exports of durian and rambutan to pull in 30 billion baht this year

The demand for Thai durian and rambutan outside the country is growing exponentially according to the Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE).

The income from exporting the two fruits should pull in THB30 billion this year.

Good news since the country is producing more of these exotic fruits than ever. OAE Secretary-General Jariya Sutthichaiya said 2017 is a golden year for durian and rambutan, especially in eastern Thailand. High supplies are meeting high demand in both the domestic and international markets, which have each grown by 30-40 percent from last year, according to Thai News Bureau.

Crop quality has also improved due to the long winter this year. The local price of the fruits is THB50-60 per kilogram, but can be much higher abroad.

And where is the fruit headed? Demand is strongest in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Vietnam, leading to projections that durian exports alone will generate THB25 billion in revenue, up from last year’s THB20 billion. Rambutan exports are expected to generate THB5 billion, up from last year’s THB4.3 billion.

They don’t call him the king of fruits for nothing.

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