‘Diner en Blanc’ massive, secret white dinner party is coming to Bangkok

Photo: Diner en Blanc/ Facebook
Photo: Diner en Blanc/ Facebook

“Diner en Blanc,” a mysterious, all-white dinner party that has been held in secret locations all over the world, is coming to Bangkok in December.

Launched nearly three decades ago in Paris, by a Frenchman named François Pasquier who wanted to reconnect with his friends — but couldn’t fit them all in his garden — the first Diner en Blanc was held at a local park. Guests were asked to bring a plus one and dress in white, so they could recognize other members of their circle. The location of the party was only revealed at the last minute, according to Star 2.

Photo: Diner en Blanc/ Facebook

The concept has lived on, and decades later remains a hit. Diner en Blanc has been held in more than 70 cities around the world, from New York to Sydney to Tokyo to Singapore. According to Forbes, Philadelphia last year had 30,000 people on the waiting list, vying for 5,000 seats.

Photo: Diner en Blanc/ Facebook

Members who have attended the events in other cities will be guaranteed spots at the Bangkok event first. They, in turn, can extend the invitation to their friends. If you don’t know a member, you can register on the event’s website before Oct. 29, and you may be invited.

Photo: Diner en Blanc/ Facebook

Nothing has been revealed — not the location nor the price. According to the information on its Facebook, participants must bring their own white tables, white tablecloths, white chairs and meals. Most importantly, they have to wear white, and prepare to journey to an unknown location at a moment’s notice.

For more information visit Diner en Blanc’s website.

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