Chinatown gastrolounge Ba Hao launches new dessert bar ‘Ba Hao Tian Mi’

Photo: @bahaotianmi/Instagram

Two years after it opened in old town’s Soi Nana and became one of the city’s most popular Chinese-themed bars, Ba Hao is branching off with a sister shop meant to satisfy Bangkokians’ sweet tooth.

Ba Hao Tian Mi, which officially opened less than a week and a half ago, is a dessert-centric bar tucked away in Chinatown’s Soi Texas, only a few meters away from the original Ba Hao. It’s currently still in “soft opening” stage.

Expect contemporary spins on traditional Chinese sweets, such as soybean pudding in goji berry syrup (THB 108) and salted egg lava toast with pork floss on top (THB 188).

For drinks, they’ve got interesting blends such as black sesame soy milk (THB 128) and herbal cantella latte (THB 128) on the menu, plus iced drinks such as its tangy kumquat juice (THB 108).

Ba Hao (meaning “number 8” in Chinese) opened in 2017 in a renovated shophouse in Chinatown’s Soi Nana. The bar offers Chinese-inspired concoctions on the ground floor while its upper floors serve as a boutique hotel.


Ba Hao Tian Mi is at 8 Phadung Dao Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok
Open 2pm-9pm daily, except Wednesday
Phone: +66 97 995 4543
MRT: Hua Lamphong

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