5 ways RedSquare Rooftop Bar will alter what you think of a night out in Nana

Would you believe that a vodka aficionado’s fantasy-come-true is available in Nana, as opposed to being hidden in Phrom Phong, Ari, or Charoen Krung? We didn’t either. That is, until now. Up on the 25th floor of Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 4, tucked in between Sukhumvit 4 and 6, is a rooftop drinking spot that looks down on Sukhumvit and Sathorn — let us introduce you to RedSquare Rooftop Bar.

Housing more than 40 vodka labels from all corners of the world, it allegedly has the biggest vodka variety in Bangkok — but that’s for you to validate. Want to know more? Here are 5 ways this bar will alter what you think of drinking in Nana.

1. Drinks (Part 1): It’s time to step up your drinking game

As welcome as a cold pint of lager sounds on a hot day like today (it’s definitely not winter yet, guys), wouldn’t you rather go beyond the ordinary and opt for a vodka-forward cocktail instead? Some might say they’re not for the faint hearted (aka those who can’t drink like a Russian), but we’d strongly disagree.

Take their signature drinks, quite the shake-up from the classic cocktails you already know too well; their Mojito Sky is a cooler rendition of the classic Mojito. Swap the minty zest with strawberry and cucumber, and this is what you’ll get — a cooling and refreshing number with a fruity hint.

Other noteworthy signatures to try: The Canadian Rock Shot (Canadian version of a Negroni), Sandia Margarita (key components: pink Himalayan salt and watermelon), Khao Niaw Mamuang (yes, you read that right, this is a cocktail), and Captain Smoke (three words for you: coffee, coke, cigar). 

2. Drinks (Part 2): Have vod-ever you like

While the bar prides itself on being an innovative vodka-forward bar — ICYMI, the name is derived from Russia’s famous landmark of the same name — RedSquare still plays by bar etiquette, letting its customers pick the base vodka from its arsenal of over 40 vodka labels, not to mention their eclectic collection of in-house infused vodka, with honey, lemongrass, rosemary, coffee, rosemary, and cinnamon, just to name a few from 20 of their signature potions.

Bored with Ketel One? Pick Grey Goose or Crystal Head — the point is that you literally have no lack of choices when you pick your poison here.

3. Bites: Quality finger food is a constant reminder that cocktails aren’t the only specialty here

It is very easy to get carried away by RedSquare’s vodka cocktails, especially by the mellower ones you can sip steadily while facing the Bangkok skyline. For healthy intermissions between drinks, the finger food served by the bar’s dedicated kitchen promise to offer flavorful bites such as wagyu skewers, mini wagyu burgers, lamb larb balls and more to complement the multi-dimensional flavors of their concoctions.

4. Location: Wait, are we really in Nana?

By your third drink, you might’ve forgotten that you’re still in Nana, the neighborhood with quite the reputation. Guess what, up on the 25th floor, sheltered from the debauchery and general nocturnal chaos, you can enjoy a sprawling rooftop view with 40 variants of vodka to choose from (can you name another joint in Nana that offers this?)

5. Feast your eyes on the view.

We’d like to expand on the point about RedSquare being on the 25th floor, (just far enough from the hustle and bustle) but we’ll let this picture do the talking.

RedSquare Rooftop Bar

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedSquareRooftopBar

Tel:  02-080-5325


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