Thais explain why they participate in water fight during severe drought (PHOTOS)

Despite the nation’s worst drought in two decades, Thais and tourists on Khao San Road still splashed each other with water last week to celebrate Songkran, Thailand’s most famous tradition.

Khao San and Silom were the main areas where people enjoyed water, white powder and loud music — the three most important components used to celebrate Songkran — although the water fight was shortened from four to two days to save water with a curfew at 9pm.

But did the government’s constant reminder of the drought and curfew ruin the spirit of Songkran?

On the second day of the Songkran Festival, Coconuts went to Khao San Road to find out why Thais still participated in the water festival during the severe drought.

“We’re not concerned about the drought, and we came to to join the water fight like we do every year. But we feel like we need to use less water somehow.”  — Pear, Ing, Ming, 14-15 years old, students.

“Songkran is still a blast for us. We feel indifferent [about the drought]. We made these spray bottles ourselves.” — Poj, Khao, Ta, and Ton, 24, cinema staff.

“Songkran still feels the same to me. Yesterday, I went to the temple. Now I’m having fun on Khao San.” said Omsin, 13, student.

“Don’t we complain about the drought situation every year? That’s just how nature works. Personally, I believe that we have enough water. And based on my experience participating in Songkran for years, this year is the least fun. It seems lifeless and dull.” — Yu, 40, magician.

“We just follow the tradition. We still feel the spirit of Songkran, but it’s a bit less fun this year.” — Earn, Pon, Ming, and Liew, 16, students.

“We have these Thai costumes at home, so why not dress up?. We want to stand out from the crowd. Songkran this year is still as fun as ever,” — May, Ying, and Fern, 18, students.


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