Interview: Thai parody queen finds fame by recreating celebrity looks with food

From Rihanna’s red carpet look to Wonder Woman’s heroic ensemble, a 22-year-old Thai cosplayer is still finding humor in signature couture and costumes she recreates with — food.

It’s been two years since Benjaphorn “Sine” Chetsadakan first found the social media spotlight for cosplaying Thai actress Araya “Chompoo” Hargate’s red carpet look at the Cannes Film Festival by covering herself with bags of prawn crackers from her mother’s shop.

Today, with more than 162,000 Facebook followers, Sine has become a bit of a regional celebrity, with growing attention from Chinese netizens and features on international media outlets like the BBC, Business Insider, and Next Shark, to name a few.

“I love to dress up. I love to eat, so I just combine these together. I never get bored creating outfits because this is what I love to do,” Sine told Coconuts Bangkok in an interview yesterday.

Sine chalks up the growing number of fans and recent media attention to her recreation of actress Fan Bing Bing’s gown at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. (Sine’s version was made from vegetables and featured a pot instead of a clutch). The photo was then shared by the Chinese red carpet princess herself.

Sine, who owns a plus-size clothing shop, says that when she started out three years ago, copying celebrities’ outfits on a budget — and with more than a little sense of humor — was just an attempt to promote her business.  

“Originally, I wanted to be an inspiration for plus-size women. I wanted to show that even I could put together an outfit and look beautiful. So in the beginning, the looks that I created were everyday wear, and it escalated from that.”

Up to now, Sine has created about a hundred different looks, mostly inspired by runway and red carpet creations. And every outfit she creates features food in prominent fashion.

Each creation costs anywhere from THB100 to a few thousand baht, but the most expensive ensemble so far, remains an outfit made from a 100 kilos of durians (a look inspired by Thai actress Chompoo).

It makes sense. Durians aren’t cheap.

“That was my record-breaking dress. It costs THB15,000 (US$480). I bought the durians from a wholesale market near my house. Then after the cosplay, I ate the durians,” Sine said.

“One of my dreams is to walk the red carpet like Chompoo. It doesn’t have to be a global red carpet… any award show in Thailand would do, and I’d show up in my cosplay outfit!” she said.

A red carpet dream is probably not all that far-fetched, considering she’s been approached by several TV programs in Thailand who want to feature her life story. Thanks to her growing fanbase abroad, Sine said she’s even in talks with a Hong Kong electronics company to shoot a commercial that will be played on a billboard on the island.

“I never dreamed that I’d be working abroad. I’m just a regular girl who doesn’t even speak English, and now I have to talk business with foreigners? I feel the need to improve myself even further, and I’m studying English,” Sine said.

The 22 year old admitted that the growing fame means she’s pressured to be ever more creative with her social media posts, but she’s never far from motivation.

“I think that when you run out of ideas, you can’t stay in the same place. Go out. Find a place to relax. For me, I just go to a fresh market and find something to eat.”

All photos: Benjaphorn “Sine” Chetsadakan


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