Famous singer ‘Lanna Commins’ attacked outside Chiang Mai pub

Thai-Australian singer Lanna Commins got a fist in the face in front of a pub while she was on a vacation with her boyfriend in Chiang Mai province.

When Lanna stepped out of a pub with her boyfriend early this morning, she told police, a local girl walked over and started mocking her by singing the Grammy-signed singer’s hit song.

“How can you trust a girl with red lips?” the girl sang, as per the lyrics of “Wai Jai Dai Gah.” Four of her friends provided backup: another Thai woman and three Caucasian men.

Lanna says she ignored the gang, but her boyfriend got into a fight with them, and Lanna ended up taking a fist to the face from the singing girl, who also stole her expensive brand name purse.

Lanna had to go to the hospital for medical treatment and later a Chiang Mai police station to tell her story.

Lanna Commins was famous for her Northern folk songs in 2004. After disappearing from the media for eight years, she recently reappeared on stage at the Ratchaprasong anti-government protest site last month, Khaosod reported.

Photo: @SpringnewsTV

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