Cute nanny alert: Creepy men bombard employment agency’s Facebook in bid to woo babysitter

A woman from Myanmar found out the hard way that nowhere seems to be safe from lecherous men in Thailand after her photo on an employment agency’s Facebook page attracted a lot of unwanted attention.

Mo, a 20-year-old Thai Yai native from Myanmar, is looking for work as a nanny and since the employment agency posted her photo on Facebook on Wednesday, the page has been shared over 4,000 times and has over 2,500 comments.

“Mo has been in Thailand for three years. Her marital status is single. She can communicate in Thai and her documents have been verified. She wants to work as a nanny,” the agency wrote.

According to Mo’s profile, she had been babysitting for three years in Bangkok, reported Bangkok Post.

But it seems that most people have chosen to ignore the fact that Mo is looking for work and have instead decided that an employment agency’s Facebook page is the perfect place to pick up women.

One lovestruck commenter better hope his wife doesn’t track his Facebook activity.

“Prettier than my wife. Prettier than the girl I saw at the food stall yesterday. So pretty like a flower,” wrote Nattawut Pimsaree.

Zealband Sakura seems to be offering Mo a job as a cat sitter .

“Come raise my cat and take my salary,” Zealband wrote.

However, not everybody visits the employment agency’s Facebook page to try to woo Mo. Uthai Khonmun has had enough of the salacious comments.

“She’s looking for a job. Why do people look at her like a sex object, saying that they want her in the bedroom? What if your sister, daughter, or mother wanted a job and this happened to them?” Uthai wrote.


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