Thailand’s giant, otherworldly Red Lotus Pond is among world’s strangest lakes (PHOTOS)

Photo: Youtube

The lovely cooler weather paired with the never-ending blooming red lotus flowers in this pond have attracted photo-loving locals and tourists to the rural province of Udon Thani, 350 miles from Bangkok.

The Red Lotus Lake, officially known as Lake Nong Harn, can be found in the province’s Santisuk Village in Bueng Kan. It’s a whopping 8,000 acre pond full of thousands of distinctly red lotus blossoms and it’s in bloom now. It attracted large crowds over the past holiday weekend with both locals and visitors snapping photos with the annual attraction.

Simply enjoy the scenery from the shore with a picnic lunch or hire a longtail boat for just THB100 (US$3) to ride into the lotuses for a better look.

According to CNN, which called the lake one of the world’s strangest, This aquatic garden begins to grow in October, just after the rainy season. When it reaches full bloom in December, nearby villagers, who trace the origins of the lake to a tragic love myth, take to boats to enjoy the miraculous scenery. The sea of red lotuses—Talay Bua Daeng, as the locals say—is best viewed during daylight hours before noon, when the flowers are fully opened, revealing their vibrant, pink color (not red, despite the name).”

However, if you can’t make it this festive season, the pink hue remains until March.

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