People are mad that The Straits Times ran a human interest story on a rich car-loving millennial

We don’t know if The Straits Times is taking the piss, but if they are, they’re doing a great job at it. In one of their latest human interest stories, they featured a young woman whose main achievement and focus is the fact that she was born with a shiny silver spoon firmly embedded in her mouth. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong for 28-year-old Mercy Goh to be born into a very, very wealthy family — what irks the 99 percent normies of Singapore is how casually excessive her lifestyle was portrayed in the piece. Such high-end materialistic drivel could probably settle comfortably in Singapore Tatler or Luxury Insider, but it’s definitely not sitting well with the regular joes who read The Straits Times. Some highlights of the feature include: 

– Getting a Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster as a gift from her dad after getting her driver’s licence

– Getting a Toyota Supra sports coupe to get her around in Melbourne during her studies overseas

– Feeling “naked and incomplete” without her countless luxury handbags and shoes (favourite brands include Hermès, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent) 

– Picking the Porsche Macan S over the entry-level version because she’s “always late”, and a more powerful car could get her to her destination faster

– Learning to tone down on pimping her cars, and appreciate them for what they are

Photo: Mercy Goh Facebook page

Granted, the piece is part of the paper’s automobile section, but folks are going mental over a story about a wealthy girl who receives luxury cars as handouts. Have a gander at just a small portion of the flak on Facebook:

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