Some young Caucasians have been panhandling at Tampines to fund their trip around the world

Photo: @sarahcoldheart / Twitter
Photo: @sarahcoldheart / Twitter

If there’s one thing you’ll see in every country, it’s bright-eyed young Caucasian tourists who dropped everything at home to satiate their wanderlust with a trip around the world. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — travelling is an enriching, valuable experience — but jeez, don’t be entitled, privileged twits by asking strangers for donations to support your spiritual self-discovery or whatever.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle of @sarahcoldheart was royally vexed at the sight of four young Caucasians who recently planted themselves in the vicinity of Tampines bus interchange, seeking funds for a trip around the world. Not that they were destitute or anything (note their camera and jolly demeanour); they just wanted kind folks to support their global discovery. Presumably because it’s their God-given right to see the world.

Well, at least they were selling postcards right?

Then there’s these two other folks singing the song of their people — Guns ‘N’ Roses and Pink Floyd covers, mostly — in their similar bid for funds.

According to Sarah and other residents of Tampines we spoke to, the four started appearing in the corners of the bus interchange since last week. It’s unclear how successful they were in their endeavour, but according to witnesses, not a lot of folks gave a damn about their desperate plea for help. 🙁

Sarah responded like how any other Singaporean would — call the cops on them. It is illegal to busk without a license after all, and they don’t look like the kind who’d be holding employment passes. But for all we know, they could have somehow obtained legit licenses.

A report was lodged online (this ain’t exactly a 999 hotline matter) last night, and the matter is now up for the police to attend to.

Though it’s a pretty rare in Singapore, white tourists asking for money from locals to support their vagabond lifestyle is a way too common issue in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand.

“…white tourists, if you’re going to come here to fulfil your Orientalist fantasies, or to “discover” Asian cultures, at least do it on your own dime,” writes a Hong Kong native who’s sick of entitled wanderlusters.

“Check your entitlement at Immigration and don’t lay claim to space and resources that aren’t, weren’t, and never will be yours”.

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