Xiaxue hits back on SG50 fishcake haters

Following days of ridicule about Halifa Bobo’s SG50 fishcake products, prominent blogger Xiaxue has come to the fore of the piscine subject and defended the dude who thought up of the whole thing (he happens to be her close friend). 

The product in question got a lot of flak over its inherent silliness; dismissed as yet another piece of unnecessary tripe spat out by the SG50 hype machine. Mothership even called it a rip-off and a practice of food wastage, calculating that you’d actually have to pay more for the patriotic fish cakes, even though you actually get less of its processed meat. 

Xiaxue however fends off all the fishy castigation and relates the explanation of her friend, who’s Halifa BoBo’s business development manager and most probably BoBo’s most heartbroken dude by now, considering all the negative comments made about his product.

She maintains that the price of the SG50 fishcakes are actually more expensive as they were made of a different, premium grade – a uniquely crafted product that requires firmer fish paste to hold in the shape of the 50 cut out. There was also no food wastage as the fish paste were formed into a mould, and not cut out like many assumed. 

There’s a couple more explanations that address other non-life-changing issues in relation to BoBo’s special fishcakes, which you can check out on her blog.

Nonetheless, it’s just a dopey-looking fishcake, why were people so worked up about it in the first place? Also, people still eat fishcakes? 

Photo: Ashley Rowe Facebook page


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