You won’t BELIEVE that this buff hottie is 50 years old, but we’re pretty confident you’ll click on this anyway

Photo: @chuando_chuandoandfrey / Instagram
Photo: @chuando_chuandoandfrey / Instagram

There are times as a journalist when you know you’re truly making a difference, when you’re able to use the power of the written word to cast light on wrongdoing in the shadows, when you hold the mighty accountable.

And then sometimes… well, sometimes you write about “hot” 50-year-olds.

Say hello to Tan Chuan Do, a model-turned-fashion photographer who was born in 1967, and a HOT daddy to boot (yes, we’re actually cringing right now). In case you haven’t checked your Facebook newsfeed in the past week, the man is blowing up.

Wait, are we ready to post another photo? Here you go.

Polls out, tongue out 😂😂✌️️🇺🇸#damn #whatnext 😂🙈

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Are you still there? Whew. Thank God. An analysis by our marketing team suggests that we really need to keep your attention for at least 90 seconds. Toward that end, please enjoy Chuando looking spicy in his underwear. That’s got to keep people on the page longer, right?

GM 👍☀️& GN 👍🌙😜👋🏼 #NYC #gettingcold #damn

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Wait, the beefcake photos aren’t quite doing the trick? Fine. We’re doubling down and (perhaps not so proudly) offering up: A List of Things You Might Not Know About Chuando.

  • Born Tan Chuan Do, he goes by the name Chuando
  • He is a hot man
  • He was born in 1967 to a Hainanese family living in Toa Payoh
  • He went to Nanyang Primary School
  • He later went to Pei Dao Secondary, where he was a competitive swimmer.
  • He later aimed to be a model after his O levels, working under modelling agency Carrie Models.
  • He was into The Doors, and formed a band called Naked Frontier. His dad did not appreciate his long hair and tight jeans à la Jim Morrison.
  • At a party, his rock star look impressed stylists so much that he was booked for commercial jobs and runway shows.
  • In 1985, he set off for Milan and Paris to model, but didn’t make it. He returned to do his national service in 1988.

  • He graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in ’92 with a diploma in graphics design and photography.
  • After a short modelling stint in Europe, he went to become a Mandopop singer, taking the stage name Chen Yufei.
  • He headed to New York to start modelling again. Disappointed by the scene there, he came back in ’96 and decided to be fashion photographer. His career took off.
  • He set up a modelling agency called Ave in ’97. Today, Ave is one of the top agencies here with connections to other contemporaries in New York.
  • Chuando’s often praised to be a pioneer in using digital enhancement in fashion photography here.

But hey, you’re not here to learn about his hard-earned achievements, right? You’re here because he’s a 50-YEAR-OLD with the enviable body of a 20-something gym bro. Since you made it this far, we’ll reward you with yet another picture.

Ugh, his phone’s out of juice! He just woke up! He’s still hot! OK, we can’t take anymore. Put a fork in us. We’re done. The people have spoken. We have obliged. But here’s one more picture.

Yes. Let them “undress your conscience” and “make love to your thoughts.” By all means. Do that. We, on the other hand, will be having a stiff drink and reconsidering our place in the universe.

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