A woman’s gripping Twitter thread about a haunting at her house will leave you proper shook

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Despite living in one of the most advanced, sci-fi-looking countries in the world, us Singaporeans are really, really into tales of the supernatural. After all, the gloved hands of Russell Lee had a huge part in shaping our childhoods with the True Singapore Ghost Stories collection.

So of course we couldn’t resist this heart-pounding Twitter thread about a chilling experience by @thetruedia, founder of feminist zine The Local Rebel. No clichéd anecdotes about Old Changi General Hospital here — her objectively scary story happened at her house, and it involves her family’s Indonesian domestic helper. True or not, you can’t deny that it makes for a pretty amazing story.

A phone call and a revelation triggered the sequence of scary events.

Oh, snap. Things started to get a little weird.

It then basically went from weird to full-on messed up.

Nope, nope nope. If you think that’s bad enough, wait ’til you read this part. 

We’re still amazed at how she did not freak out at all. Fast forward to a few weeks later, again at her kitchen.

Y’all ain’t ready for this. Here comes the part about used menstruation pads.


Hari Raya came and went, with more odd happenings.

Eventually, her domestic helper left. But the entity that was haunting the house didn’t.

Finally, The Thing made itself apparent… with a groan that was seemingly caught on tape.

For those who may think that her family must have done something to trigger the haunting, she assured that the domestic helper was not treated badly at all.

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