Woman sends photo of her ‘nehneh’ to Grab driver in Singapore instead of her location

Photo from Complaint Singapore.
Photo from Complaint Singapore.

In the bustling world of ride-hailing services, where passengers and private-hire drivers interact daily, a recent incident involving a Grab driver and a passenger has once again highlighted the unconventional challenges faced by drivers.

While passengers often report complaints about their rides, this particular case sheds light on the grievances and unexpected encounters that private-hire drivers contend with.

The story began when a Grab driver was dispatched to pick up a passenger who had requested a ride from Geylang to Orchard.

On the surface, this may seem like a routine ride, but as the events unfolded, it turned into anything but ordinary. The driver decided to share his peculiar experience on a Facebook group called “Complaint Singapore” on Monday, Oct. 30, in an attempt to illustrate the bizarre encounter he had with his passenger.

According to the screenshots shared by the driver, the passenger initially indicated her pick-up location as “Pavillion Square, 345 Geylang Road.” However, when the driver arrived at the specified location, the passenger was nowhere to be found. Perplexed by the situation, the driver messaged the passenger to inquire about her whereabouts. The response he received was far from expected.

The passenger informed the driver that she was at “325 gaylang (sic),” indicating a clear typo in her initial request. However, the truly unexpected part of this interaction was her decision to send the driver a photo of her chest in response to his inquiry. Instead of addressing the typo in the location, the passenger seemingly thought it appropriate to provide an image of herself.

The driver, undoubtedly taken aback by this peculiar response, responded with a request that seemed more logical. He asked her to send a picture of the place she was currently located at, hoping to resolve the situation and continue with the ride. However, in a humorous twist, his initial response was flagged as containing “inappropriate content” due to the mention of the word “breast.” Subsequently, he edited the term to a more colloquial “nehneh” in his message, all while maintaining his professionalism and composure in a perplexing situation.

Frustrated but persevering, the driver humorously commented on the incident by saying, “See la see la… what we drivers have to go through every day?” He recounted that he was fortunate enough to receive a S$4 compensation after the ride was ultimately canceled.

The post documenting this bizarre encounter has sparked amusement among netizens and has garnered considerable attention on social media. It received over 1,100 shares on the “Complaint Singapore” Facebook group and gained more than 10,000 likes on @sgfollowsall’s Instagram page within 24 hours.

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