Wife roasts doctor husband on trial for allegedly raping patient, claims his penis is ‘soft like a noodle’

A 67-year-old general practitioner stands accused of raping his patient, but it could not have happened, said the doctor’s wife. In court yesterday, she testified that her husband has had erectile problems for years, and in her own words, his penis is “soft like a noodle” even when stimulated.

Wee Teong Boo is currently on trial for allegedly raping a female patient after she had gone to his clinic to get examined for an itch in her genitals and frequent urination, according to Channel NewsAsia. In December 2015, the victim, then 23, visited the clinic in Bedok, where he allegedly asked her to completely remove her shorts and underwear for an examination. The victim claims to have witnessed Wee with his pants unzipped, feeling a poking sensation in her genitals as his body rocked forward and backward. She filed a police report next day.

A month before the incident, the doctor had allegedly rubbed her private parts over her underwear while examining her for gastric discomfort.

Court testimonies from clinic assistants and Wee’s wife — also a director of the clinic — attempted to disprove the victim’s story. The Straits Times reported seven clinic assistants who worked on the night of the alleged incident as stating that the victim looked calm and not at all distressed after she left the examination room.

But it was Wee’s wife, Quek Bee Nar, who made a bigger claim. The 61-year-old told the court that her husband had troubles achieving and maintaining an erection since 2014, reported TODAY, and required help to do so. Even if he did, the erection would only last for “one or two seconds”, she noted.

She even expressed her belief that she did not think that her husband would be charged with rape as his “penis is so soft”.

The prosecution then tried to discredit Quek, calling her testimony “an afterthought” in a bid to defend her husband. The prosecution pointed out inconsistencies between her statement to the police and her court testimony, questioning the doctor’s wife on why she did not reveal the problems in their sex life.

Quek defended herself, stating that she only realized later on that she left things out in her statement to the police. She also stated that she did not understand the queries about her sex life by the police when she was questioned in 2016, believing that it was to gauge if she and her husband were “in love”, reported ST.

“I’m someone who doesn’t like to lie. To disclose these intimate details and to share them with the public is very difficult for me,” she said.

The trial continues in October.

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