What are some signs that you’re a Singaporean basic bitch/bro?

Ah basic bitches, the bane of social media. They may have invaded the cultures of western civilization with their Valley Girl accents, yoga pants, Starbucks paraphernalia and numerous hashtags at the ready-for-their-Instagram uploads, but a thread on Reddit’s Singapore community poses the question — what is the local equivalent of a basic bitch

Some choice symptoms of a Singaporean basic bitch, according to /r/singapore: 

– Goes to llaollao. Because #yolo #froyo 

– Claims to be wanderlust. Loves posting travel pictures and shallow listicles about travelling. Loves the quote “not all who wander are lost”. 

– Call herself a foodie, when all she eats are eggs benedict. Goes café hopping regularly and blogs about it if she has one. 

– Diehard fan of all-day breakfast/brunch places like Wild Honey and Hatched

– Bakes mediocre shit, but can’t cook. 

– Posts a random photo on Instagram and caption with some (bullshit) inspirational quote.

– #OOTD all day, every day. Will either look at the floor (for gold) or look away. Eye contact with camera is occasional.

– Post-workout selfies. Captioned with “I’m so fat” to bait compliments.

– Will never get sick of red velvet or sea salt cupcakes. 

–​ Crayola eyebrows — thick, straight ones. “In Singapore’s context, the Korean trend for thick straight eyebrows. Some girls don’t get that you can only pull off that look if you have very delicate features and they just end up looking very angry,” says /user/pewdypie_

– Phone/tablet always stocked with the latest popular Korean drama.

– The word ‘Blessed’ used in most social media postings.

– Xiaxue. End thread. 

Also, there’s a section dedicated to basic bros:

– Undercuts. Shaved sides and slicked-back hair.

– SUPREME clothing from head to toe.

– Excessive usage of “bro”.

– Drives parent’s car but acts like it’s his.

– Thinks Russell Peters is God’s gift to comedy. (Hint: he’s not)

– Thinks Melbourne is the pinnacle of Western civilization.

– Tight, patterned (paisley mostly) short-sleeved shirts. Rolled up sleeves as well.

– Sperry boat shoes, without socks.

So, are you Basic? Tweet us some more traits of Basic culture at Twitter.com/coconutsSG

Photo: llaollao Singapore Facebook page ​

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