WATCH: Wedding gatecrash features groom dressed up as Chinese emperor, complete with servants and concubines

Screengrab from video

Damn, wedding gatecrashes in Singapore are constantly upping the game when it comes to getting dressed up in theme. First, there was the entourage of six-pack abs — we mean, men — glistening under the hot sun, providing enough Gladiator material to fuel the fantasies of women everywhere. Then there was the politically correct party that campaigned (with bodyguards) to win the heart of the bride.

Now, another gatecrash party has made it to the Hall of Wedding Viral Fame. Props to these guys, who went all out to get into character as Chinese royalty. With the groom dressed up as a Chinese emperor surrounded by servants, concubines and eunuchs, the group gamely applied makeup on their faces, play acted, and braved the heat to complete all the tasks thrown at them by the bridesmaids. Heck, they even did a little K-pop style synchronized dance, switching back and forth between their regal costumes and dapper suits.

Check out all the action below.

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