WATCH: The unconventional process of Native’s Vijay Mudaliar in foraging local ingredients for cocktails

Yes, yes, we know the clip is a blatant ad paid for by the Singapore Tourism Board, but that doesn’t make this Great Big Story video feature any less interesting.

For those not in the know, Native is a cocktail bar that opened its doors on Amoy Street in late 2016 by former Operation Dagger bartender Vijay Mudaliar. The raison d’être for Native is to offer exotic alcoholic concoctions crafted with foraged local and regional ingredients. And we mean exotic to its truest sense — tipples can include ingredients such as grasshoppers, salmon roe and even ants. But don’t dismiss Vijay’s boundary-pushing experimentations as pure gimmickry; there’s a reason why Native is one of the top bars in Asia.

Now, we get to see the man’s creative process in the cinematic sheen typical to any Great Big Story feature. The short documentary follows Vijay stomping in both the local wilderness and the city in search for foraged goods, including a pretty zany shot of him tasting a live ant. Take a gander at Vijay’s unconventional methods in crafting cocktails in the video above.

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