WATCH: This dude made a Nas Daily parody featuring Jewel Changi Airport

Photo: YEOLO/Facebook
Photo: YEOLO/Facebook

Popular travel vlogger Nas Daily’s return to Singapore and Jewel Changi Airport’s much-anticipated opening have been two talked-about topics over the past week. So why not combine the two into a witty one-minute clip?

That’s exactly what local funnyman Yeolo did last week. Standing out from the swarm of Jewel videos that crowded social media when the billion-dollar development opened last Wednesday, his satirical production captured the now-iconic Rain Vortex, with added commentary on trending issues of the moment.

The obvious Nas Daily parody — complete with faux (or real?) enthusiasm, vigorous hand gestures, a “no life” tee, and voiceovers — proclaimed Jewel to be the “world’s best shopping mall.”

But besides the sweeping shots of the lush waterfall, revealed to be the world’s tallest indoor one, Yeolo threw in subtle digs at Singapore.

“Singapore is not ready for a non-Chinese Prime Minister, but we’re ready for Shake Shack, A&W, and a Pokémon Centre!” he declared. “You can’t listen to death metal, but you can listen to this toilet bowl flushing all day long.”

“Our ministers may soon get to decide what is a falsehood, but don’t worry!” he added. “You decide if you want to bring home Pikachu or Eevee!”

Watch the clip below and stick around for the ending.

In the online realm, audiences welcomed the parody video with open arms. Nas Daily, seeing the humor in it, even reached out with talk of a collaboration between the two.

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