WATCH: The 2019 NDP song ‘Our Singapore’ includes every local talent imaginable

Screengrab from video
Screengrab from video

Is it August yet? Not quite, but it is time to debut the theme song for the National Day Parade 2019, and it’s a familiar tune titled “Our Singapore.” A mash-up of previously sung tracks like “We Will Get There” from 2002 and “Our Singapore” from 2015, the soaring melodies are sung by 27 artistes from every generation and music background.

It’s like the peeps behind NDP thought that having every local talent imaginable involved in the Bicentennial commemoration was apt. And perhaps it would be, if it weren’t so clearly trying to squeeze the patriotic feels out of viewers.

Almost 300 Singaporeans, aged three to 93, are featured in the Royston Tan-directed video, all mostly dressed in shades of red and white. Household name Dick Lee, the creative director for this year’s NDP, composed the tune, with all its talk of hopes and dreams.

It’s so cheesy, it could give you a gouda laugh.

On the other hand, it’s cool to see so many local names get involved, even if they only make an appearance for a couple seconds each. Still, we miss Charlie Lim’s modern update of “We Are Singapore” that was last year’s soundtrack.

The ambitious crossover project for Singapore’s 54th birthday makes for quite the Easter egg hunt, though. From veterans like Rahimah Rahim, Tracy Huang, Ramli Sarip, and Jacintha Abisheganaden to iconic names such as Dick Lee and Kit Chan, the music video offers plenty of “I recognize that person!” moments.

Stefanie Sun, Joanna Dong, and JJ Lin make appearances as well, alongside Charlie Lim, Taufik Batisah and Aisyah Aziz, plus rappers Sheikh Haikel, Shigga Shay, Yung Raja, and The Lion City Boy. Let’s not forget The Sam Willows, too. They’re everywhere.

Oh, and was that Joseph Schooling we spotted singing along in the chorus?

If all this gets you excited about NDP, ticket applications for the Padang celebrations will open from Thursday till June 2. Singapore citizens and permanent residents can apply for two, four, or six passes to preview shows on July 27 and Aug 3 or the real deal on Aug 9.

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