WATCH: Six otters taking on Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve’s famous tailless crocodile

Video screengrab

One thing you learn from watching dozens of nature documentaries is that even cuddly creatures can be total badasses. River otters taking on crocodiles are nothing new in the animal world, and the same behavior applies to our own population of otters.

A family of six otters was recently captured fending off a lone crocodile in the waters off Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Captured in high-definition and uploaded on the Ottercity Facebook page yesterday, the furry critters were seen bobbing up and down in the water in an attempt to scare the gigantic reptile away from the shoreline. The croc looked more annoyed than anything else, as it made a couple of lunges at the otters around it instead of seriously attacking them.

The ordeal — complete with an epic soundtrack to go along with it — lasted about 10 minutes, ending with the crocodile conceding defeat and swimming away. The reptile was identified as Tailless, the permanent resident of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve renowned for being the only Estuarine Crocodile without a tail — apparently the result of a fierce fight with another croc years ago.

Otters have been caught messing around with crocodiles at the reserve before, with one clip stretching as far back as 2010. There have been subsequent sightings of otters confronting their reptilian neighbors at Sungei Buloh over the subsequent years too.

Crocodiles should know not to mess with otter families too because the furry mammals can definitely kill one if they wanted to.

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