WATCH: Photographer gets in uncomfortable positions to shoot gorgeous closeup images of otters

Screengrab from video

Luke Massey, a 25-year-old Brit, was recently in town on a mission to catch a glimpse of Singapore’s otters at Marina Bay and Kallang. The wildlife photographer, whose video documenting his adventures garnered over 45,000 views, managed to get up close and personal with the creatures and snap some pretty awesome shots.

But of course, nothing this beautiful comes easy. Massey got down and dirty on rocky grounds by the waters, waiting patiently (on a full bladder) for hours just to cosy up to the animals and get the opportunity to shoot them. He also didn’t hesitate to plop down on grassy patches to photograph the otters playing around.

The result? Incredible closeup shots of the otters munching on fish, frolicking in the water, and generally being way too adorable for words.

Watch his otter escapades below.

photographer's documentation of otters

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